Find Us On The Kenosha Lakeshore Trolley

Find Us On The Kenosha Lakeshore Trolley
Attending an event on Kenosha’s Lakefront? Take the City of Kenosha’s “Lakefront Trolley” to UNION PARK TAVERN! The Trolley operates on a route from Carthage College through Downtown Kenosha south to Kemper Center, passing several art galleries in the Union Park neighborhood and UNION PARK TAVERN. The Trolley operates from 1:45pm to 9:15pm Wednesdays through Sundays. There are markers along the route, but you can also flag down the driver for pick up along the way. The fare is $1 for adults.
Kenosha Lakefront Trolley Route MapKenosha Lakeshore Trolley

Trolley Schedule

Kenosha Lakeshore Trolley Schedule

The Trolley passes UNION PARK TAVERN northbound at approximately :37 past the hour and southbound at approximately :53 past the hour.